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Name: Rung
Designation: Autobot
Occupation: Psychologist
Serial code: 100,000,000
Alt Mode: ?????

('Rung' as in ladder. 'Rung' as in bell. Not 'Wrung'. That just doesn't work.)

Rung has been described as an historical constant -- always there, seldom remembered; an observer, but never an active participant. A search of Rewind's historical database turned up billions of matches for his face, and he was apparently present, in this observational capacity, for a statistically unlikely number of important events in Cybertronia's history.

Over all that time, Rewind was the first mech ever to ask whether Rung was happy.

As a therapist, Rung is legendary, and he appears to take genuine satisfaction in his work. His philosophical works were well known before the Ark departed Cybertronia, though attacks by rival practitioners long ago eclipsed his academic career, and over time he has provided therapy for an enormous number of Cybertronians, some for over stretches of hundreds of years. His experience allows him to successfully interpret voices, body language, and individual mannerisms; little escapes him. For himself, he is rather private, and is adept at diverting conversations away from himself without seeming to do so: this skill also comes to the fore in his office, where he eases the focus of his sessions back on his patients and places himself well in the background as he guides them through their mental work.

Though he has shown flashes of anger when attacked or mistreated, Rung is normally polite and mild-mannered, adapting his reactions to the situation. His most frequent role is that of a listener, and he is genial or comforting as the interaction demands. In his long life, he appears to have achieved a remarkable level of mental balance, expressing no regrets at joining the Lost Light crew despite nearly getting killed several times and stating that he has learned to forgive "just about anything" (except anyone using the words "psychiatry" and "psychotherapy" interchangeably).

Despite this, and aside from a nascent tendency to claustrophobia and lingering animus over the rivals who decimated his career, he is not entirely at peace with himself. The reasons for this are unknown, and he carries this particular burden with silent equanimity.

Few 'bots know Rung's alt mode, as he does not frequently have occasion to use it and, in fact, is not sure what its use is. During the classification age, the Functionists put Rung through innumerable tests to discover its purpose, but they never could; his identification card still lists it as "Ornament". The card also spells his name wrong (literally, 'Rong'), a symptom of the seemingly universal tendency of everyone else to forget Rung's name, and sometimes even his presence, when he is nearby. Even those who know him find themselves fumbling over his name without later asking themselves why, although they have no problem remembering it when he is elsewhere (or when he is present but his brain is inactive). Red Alert, who was Rung's patient for six hundred years, didn't recognize him when they met on the Lost Light's boarding ramp. Rung himself is aware of this phenomenon, showing irritation at being misnamed and politely correcting those who can't remember. It is not likely that the effect is deliberate, but it does seem localized around him.

As for the rest, he has a thumb with a microphone in it, can remove his backpack to sleep, collects and constructs model Arks, is 90% secret compartments, and his Holomatter avatar's ID reads "Mary Sue."*

*Yes. Canonically. I love MTMTME so much.

[[This is an rp journal for Rung from the IDW comic series More Than Meets The Eye. All MTMTE material belongs to its copyright holders.]]

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being there, model starships, rungian philosophy
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